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acting coach

Let’s get creative, let’s have some fun

As an acting coach, my aim is very simple. I want to help you shine. So, whether you’re a drama student, an actor preparing for an audition or just looking to keep those creative juices flowing, I can help you:

    • Break down/flesh out a scene
    • Run lines
    • Run through memorization techniques
    • Audition preparation
    • Self tape set up/technique


A quick note about me

I trained at the Academy of Film, theatre and Television in Sydney Australia and have been working in film, TV and the independent theatre scene since 2003. As well as working as a jobbing actor I also coach actors from all over the world online. Sessions can be conducted via Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facebook Rooms or the video calling platform of your choice.

If you’d like to know a little bit more about me and the things I’ve done check out my resume.


Half hour – $20

Full Hour – $40


  • Feedback

    I have over 600 reviews for my work as an acting coach. If I put them all here it would make for a very long page, so here’s just a few:


      • “…Gary had so many great insights that helped me flesh out the scene and feel very confident! Thank you very much, absolutely recommended!”
        S.Mohram, Egypt


      • “…AWESOME. Full of so much positive energy and was excited to take on my self-tape with me! I felt very comfortable exploring and Gary helped me discover some fresh perspectives about the scene. Great reader, lovely personality and such a pleasant experience.”
        M.Booth, USA


      • “.Such a pleasure reading with Gary. He gave me great notes to make the scene grounded.
        K.Rumball, New Zealand


      • “…He’s an utter rehearsal GOD! Use him as you will. You won’t regret it.
        B. Hastings, Australia


      • “…Gary is great. Needed help taping a comedy scene and knew he’d be great for it. He didn’t disappoint! Thank you!
        E. Statnton, UK


      • “…Gary is the bomb! Love his feedback. And he always encourages me to take the scene to the next level!
        X. Ortiz, USA


      • “…Absolutely phenomenal! I am an awkward individual, but having Gary as my scene partner made that awkwardness disappear so I was able to fully focus on scenes. He also provides great feedback!”
        L. Nielson, Spain