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Codename Gaslight

Written, directed and starring Gary Boulter

About the film

M.U.W.U.B agent Edward Drake had once again managed to lose a dangerous criminal whilst escorting him to trail. Fearing imminent dismissal from his employers, Edward gave chase. Instead of arriving at the House of Echoes, known hang-out of the galaxies underworld (including his lost felon) Edward arrived at the house of Virginia Fairweather. Virginia is less than pleased to receive her unwelcome intruder, especially since he quite literally burst through her wall.Edward is shattered as he knows this mistake will cost him his job but he soon realizes there’s more to Virginia than meets the eye.

Semi-Finalist at:
  •       * Hollywood Screenings Film Festival
  •       * Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival
  •       * Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition
  •       * Hollywood Verge Film Awards
Official Selection:
  •       * LA Cinefest

Silent Majority

Written, directed and starring Gary Boulter

This film was mostly made on a PC using Photoshop and After Effects with the live action footage shot on an i-phone.

Official Selection:
  •     * Depth of Field International film festival
  •     * Cannes Short Film Festival
  •     * Direct Short and Documentary Film Festival
  •     * Turin Underground Cinifest
  •     * Roma Cinema
  •       * Rosebud film festival 2015


Written and Directed by Kitt Mcdee.

Gary worked on the effects alongside the director and also did the narration. This film was entered into the 2013 Sydney Sci-Fi Film Festival and won a number of awards.